Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Party - Celiac Style

Hey, it’s Super Bowl weekend.  We usually have some friends over for chips, dips, chili dogs and all sorts of wicked stadium food that we only do for the Big Game.  This year things need to change. I’ve been digging around for some gluten free ideas that won’t seem like such a sacrifice. I don’t see doing hot dogs without buns.  That’s just not right!
After some research, fajitas were looking pretty good.  Sauted chicken breasts and grilled flank steak, bell peppers and onions, cheese – all on corn tortillas.  And how about corn chips with salsa and guacamole?  I think we can do this!  Add some gluten free potato chips and some sodas, and we’ve got game time!
And yet, when I consulted my son, he really wanted the traditional fare.  So we just modified the norm. We checked (and re-checked) all the products, ending up with some yummy Aidell’s Chicken Apple Sausage and Arthichoke Garlic Sausage (both labeled GF).  To avoid the bun issue, we just cut them into bite-sized pieces with toothpicks.  We also did Stagg Chili* Classic Chili with Beans (Fumbling Mom Product of the Day)– souped up with extra beef, herbs, spices and cocoa – for nacho chili bowls.  I even made Velveeta cheese dip, something I haven’t even SEEN since I grew up in the south. With M&M’s and chips, we were set.
Unfortunately, today - on the day after - my son’s stomach doesn’t feel all that well. With a day of food choices like that I usually just say, "What a surprise!"  (maybe with a hint of sarcasm.)  But this year I have to ask a few more questions. Did we stay gluten free? I feel pretty good that we did. Could it simply be Super Bowl excess? I hope so.
*Not all Stagg Chilis are gluten free, so be careful to check the label.  This one is actually labeled GF, but we had some trial and error in the shopping process.

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