Friday, February 4, 2011

What's for Lunch?

So, breakfast is a little challenging.  Dinner is easy.  Lunch feels impossible.  Our 12 year old like lots of different foods from crab and clams to broccoli and red bell pepper.  But he seems to dislike almost anything that would be easy to send for a gluten free school lunch.  He’s not much of a sandwich kid.  He doesn’t like salads or leftovers.  He doesn’t snack on cheese, yogurt or hard boiled eggs, like he did when he was a toddler. Let’s see…what’s left?  There’s no way to heat things at school and he doesn’t want to carry a thermos.  So, we’re struggling with this one.
I found a website with a lot of ideas that we are working through.
So far, here are a few things we’ve had success with (note the list is mighty short!):
GF Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich
Sushi (with GF soy)
Leftover GF pizza
Any kind of fruit
GF potato chips and any gf cookie
Corn tortilla quesadilla

What hasn’t worked:
Rice noodle spring rolls with vegies and pork
Ham sandwich
Amy’s GF burrito (mom liked, tho)
Taco meat with corn chips (nachos)

Things I want to try:
Simple melted cheese and corn chip nachos
Hummus dip with vegies
Pasta salad with chicken or tuna
Corn tortilla roll ups (meat, veg + something wet – GF ranch dressing, hummus)
Kabobs – meat and fruit

Our approach toward many of the food challenges we are facing is to try to keep an open mind.  My son may have tried something before and not really liked it, but he needs to check it out again.  I tell him this is just a good idea anyway…because tastes change.  Like the way he loves mushrooms now.  Hated ‘em when he was younger.

We’re also having conversations about what works and what doesn’t in his lunch. I have always suggested that he bring home (rather than throwing it away) anything he doesn’t like at lunch.  It’s the best feedback I can get. And I keep reminding him that there are also different brands of GF products.  If something doesn’t work, we’ll keep trying until we find a good one.

I look forward to sharing more of what works and how inventive we get.  With five school lunches a week, we’ve got to get this nailed…and fast.  Otherwise, Mom will go crazy.

Fumbling Mom Product of the Day:  See’s Candy

What makes a 12 year old feel more normal than chocolate?? When I checked with See’s, they told me they’d gone gluten free in 2009.  What a pleasant surprise.  The only exception to GF is some of the decorations on their seasonal candies, so remember: Read the labels and ask questions!

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